Emerson wrote:

"You can't do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."  

He definitely knew the heart of a volunteer; it is being spontaneous with a "yes" when a need has to be met. I've been fortunate enough to be in the Hospice program since it's inception and can honestly say that my perspective on how I choose to live my life has been deeply enriched by the many people I have been in contact with through a variety of events, be it a fun fundraising event or in the quiet of a dying patients' home as they deal with the realities of a fast approaching death.  

Life as a volunteer in Hospice is so fulfilling that a simple gesture of help can enrich and enlighten a patient's perspective on the rest of the day. If you have any reservations about your abilities as a volunteer, don't ever hesitate to say "yes" and embark on a journey with endless opportunities to touch others. YOU will be the one who comes away blessed!  

Lori Rehor



Office/Committee Volunteer:

Requiring no special training, the time involvement varies with the task assigned, as well as the time one is available.  Examples of services provided include:  copying and assembling orientation manuals, preparing mailings, answering the phone and making calls, providing baked goods for fund raisers and snacks for classes.

Hospice Friend - Direct Patient Volunteer: 

Hospice Volunteer | CO
  • Must complete a 20 hour hospice orientation program
  • Will occasionally be assigned as a Hospice Friend to a patient and family
  • Once assigned, the time investment varies, usually an hour per week.


A Hospice Friend:

  • Listen and provide support in activities of preference for the patient and  family
  • Maintains supportive contact with the patient and family
  • Maintains patient/family confidentiality


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